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Autumn and Winter season fashion trends

Now that Autumn is coming soon and Winter isn’t too far away, let’s see what fashion trends look like this year for the two seasons!

Summer is now behind us. That’s why we should leave those bikinis behind and get ready for the new season. This Autumn’s and Winter’s fashion trends are all about being comfortable while facing the change in temperature.

For that, you have a very generous range of clothes to choose from. We’ll now take a look at what’s in and what’s out this year in terms of fashion!

While Spring fashion was overwhelmed by bright colors, you can now choose from off-browns, sludge greens, and every other murky shade in-between. Wedge heels (including heavyweight ones) will go very well with knee-length dresses. This is why you should give up on those Birkenstocks, Nikes in black-and-white, and designer skater shoes.

Bra tops showing your mid-riff should be an absolute no; instead, opt for capes, sleeves nicely draped over your hands, and blanket coats.

Autumn and Winter season fashion trends

Corset-like denim can be stored in your wardrobe for next year’s Spring. This Autumn and Winter you can choose tailored pants with an ultra-loose waistband and very long knits. You should also stay away from real fur from exotic animals painted in bright colors.

If you’re nostalgic for anoraks, now’s the perfect time to put them on again. Also, you can choose to support local artisans by buying the clothes they make. These can range from embroidery to craftwork, naive motifs, and so on. Hip-hop-styled sportswear was all the rage this past year; no more.

Accessories and handbags made from tan leather

In terms of accessories, XL artwork jewelry is very much in. Bauhaus-like or sculptural cuffs are a must-have this Autumn and Winter alike. Over sized aviator google sunglasses make for another great choice in this weather. Ladies Handbags made from tan leather are also part of the Autumn/Winter fashion trends.

If you’re living in a rain-drenched city, ankle boots will save your day. You shouldn’t forget about scarves; you can always drape one about your neck to look ravishing.

Lovers of vintage fashion should look for a long-line leather mod jacket in black. Cardigans are always a good option for cold weather. Choose the high-fashion knit to impress your friends. If you have a party starting at midnight, we recommend getting lacework and metallics. Spooky prints are a must, as well.

Wear your hair with new outfit

If you want to do something about your hair, too, then it’s best to give up on your old braids. Also not in dip-dyed tips and bleached hair. What’s in: keep your hair all-natural or, if you must, dye it dark blonde or glossy read.

Should you be a lover of the 60s or the 90s, you can combine clothes from both eras. Just be sure they’re ready to protect you against heavy rain, snow, and so on. Shrug-on sheepskins and shearlings have a great appeal this season and the next. Leather still plays an important role in fashion, no matter the season.

This Autumn and Winter you can freely combine kohl with your leather pants. Leather tranches are in, too. Military-styled adventure jackets shouldn’t be forgotten, either. You can also go ahead and choose clothes that change their color, like the ones proposed by Alexander Wang. Or clothes with feathers on them.

Be unique! Create your own style and choose your clothes according to your personal style! Read more here about How to find your own fashion style.

Whatever you choose to wear, have fun!

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