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Autumn Fashion Men Casual Zippers Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

Motorcycle jackets, also known as the biker jackets, are something loved by everyone – the guys enjoy wearing them, and the ladies certainly like to see their beloved partners clothed in something as cool as the biker jackets made from leather. This particular jacket that we’re looking at here is a perfect choice for the autumn of this year, following both the latest fashion styles for men and the usual good look of these types of clothes.

If we take a closer look, we will notice that the frontal part looks pretty asymmetrical – the main zipper follows the right side of the abdomen, with uneven collars and three pockets (unusually positioned) on the left side. There is also a belt at the waist part of the jacket, making the whole thing look even cooler (and more stable during the motorcycle travels, we must say).

en Casual Zippers Leather Motorcycle Jacket 2

As you can see from the picture, the position of the main zipper on the right makes the left side overlap the right, thus creating more free space on the left side and being the main reason for grouping the pockets in a single area.

The pockets are neither horizontal nor vertical, but something in between – and there is nothing wrong about that. Let us also mention that the right side of the jacket has one more additional zipper that runs from the waist to the shoulder, but it has no function except being a simple decoration.

If we take a look at the back part of the whole thing, we will see that there are no additional details, except for the short zippers on the back parts of the sleeves. The collar looks pretty high from the back, protecting the neck from the cold air.

Men Casual Zippers Leather Motorcycle Jacket

All in all, the Autumn Fashion Men Casual Zippers Leather Motorcycle Jacket is a fine combination of functionality and a good design – it is made not only to protect your body from the wind while riding the motorcycle, but it can also impress the ladies (and men) with its impeccable design and interesting look. The cost of the jacket is $92.

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