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Biker Jacket in PU Leather With Zipper Front Review

The jacket that we’re about to review, its full name being the Biker Jacket in PU Leather With Zipper Front, is one of the best choices in this price category. It is made by Milanoo, a fashion company whose motto is “passion for fashion” – and after taking a look at this particular piece of clothing, we can say that their motto isn’t just some mumbo-jumbo to attract the consumers, as these guys & girls did a truly good job with this piece of clothing.

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The first thing to notice on this jacket is the overall look of “coolness”. This is definitely not something that can be worn in any situation, as it has the “bad girl” vibe and goes particularly well with the torn jeans. The frontal part brings three symmetrical zippers, with only one going all the way down and the other two being the pocket zippers. The chest pockets are vertical, unlike the horizontal ones that can be usually found on these types of clothes. There are also two more pockets on the usual places, both of which also open vertically.

Biker Jacket in PU Leather 2

It’s pretty easy to see what feature of this jacket makes it stand out from the others – the frontal part brings the four small belts, on each of the shoulders, having buckles and going over the shoulders to the back part of the jacket.

This, in our opinion, was a really good design choice and makes the jacket look unique and different. We also liked the texture on the upper sides of the sleeves, which reminded us of the crocodile skin. The back part of the jacket has no details, except for the already mentioned belts that go over the shoulders.

Biker Jacket in PU Leather 3

The Biker Jacket in PU Leather With Zipper Front comes in two colors – black and white, both of which look pretty good, although we would definitely choose the darker one as the white color makes the whole “bad girl” look a bit ruined.

The price is $48, which is pretty reasonable if you consider both the quality material and the nice design of this jacket – you have our humble recommendation.

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