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How to choose the perfect necklace according to the event you are attending?

Women love to wear jewelry and let themselves shine with the perfect piece. If we are lucky enough to afford a golden luxury necklace or even a silver one, with some crystals on top or maybe even a diamond, then we might become the star of the event. If we now stop at the necklace in particular and the science of choosing the right one for the right occasion, you might first of all want to have a look over your options.

Define the type of necklace you are into

According to the most classical definitions for necklaces, there are six categories that define them according to their size and the points of your body they touch. The collar is right at the basis of your neck, above the collarbone. Next in line is the choker, slightly larger, sitting high on the neck or resting on the collarbone.

This has various adornments and pendants and it can look a bit vintage. The princess sits just below the collarbone and is perfect for v-neck outfits or blazers. Matinee is combined with jewelry layering and due to its length, it falls just above or at the center of the bust. Opera is slightly longer and fits near the belly button and the lariat falls below it.

Match your necklace to your physical appearance

You might as well consider your height and your neck measurement so that you can know in advance where your collarbone is and how the necklace will touch it. For instance, the shorter you are, the shorter the length of the necklace, especially if you are into those very long ones layering over your blouse.

A long necklace might make you look even shorter than you already are. The shape of your face will favor either a long necklace or one closer to the collarbone. If you have strong cheekbones and an angular face you can go for a long fashion necklace, whereas if you have a heart-shaped face you might go for a collar or a choker.

Focus on the event and the location

For a day at the office, wearing a minimalist necklace would be the smartest choice. Platinum or silver chains are perfect for a casual outfit, such as jeans and a white shirt or even for a formal suit.

For weddings, you are allowed to wear heavy jewelry, but be careful with the balance between the size of the neckline of your dress and the weight of the jewelry.

If you are the bride, you should look for a pearl necklace that puts your gown into evidence and if you are a guest wearing a simple dress, then an intricate necklace will complete your overall appearance.

Match the color of the necklace with the outfit

The trendiest colors for jewelry this year are Blue Zircon, Light Rose, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Amethyst, Siam, and Fuchsia. For stone necklaces, match the necklace to the color of the outfit and try to get a strong contrast.

Recommendations and style tips

If you are about to attend a cocktail party and really want to make an impression but in a very subtle way, then Jeulia Halo Round Cut Sterling Silver Necklace will save your evening. The elegant silhouette makes it look delicate enough while still keeping its luxurious appearance.

Jeulia Halo Round Cut Sterling Silver Necklace

The necklace looks gorgeous! At this moment with a big discount of 50%, you will pay reasonably priced for great quality!

If you go for a date, then you might consider this beautiful Milan Layering Necklace. It can be worn alone or in combination with some layering necklaces and it goes well with any color, as long as it keeps the joyful vibe of the date.


For a simple night out with your friends, you can go for Traveler’s Stone Necklace, a special rainbow moonstone necklace that symbolizes adventure and joy. You can wear it with a pair of jeans and a blazer.

travelers stone necklace

Although choosing the right necklace for the event is a matter of taste and physical appearance, with a little bit of attention to detail and a sense of measurement, even the simplest necklace can give that extra touch to an outfit.

Beautiful jewelry does not always have to be expensive! I invite you to discover cheap jewelry on sale in a gorgeous jewelry shop collection for all the important events in your life: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Buddhist, Easter, Religion, Halloween, Mother’s Day, or BirthDay. You will definitely find a piece of jewelry that you will “fall in love with”!

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